IMONIT (I'm-On-It) Users

View a list of users within your organization and manage their details

Add new users to the time tracking app either manually or by uploading a CSV file.

Manage Users in the Time Tracking App

1User Search

Enter full or partial names into this search bar to locate a specific user from the list.

2Attendance indicator

When the circle is green, it indicates that the user is currently clocked-in. If they have indicated that they are working on a specific task (from the Clock In/Out page), the task’s name will be displayed.

3Edit User Details

Update user details, roles and app behaviors.

4Delete User

Click to delete the respective users from the time tracking app.


Click to upload a user list in CSV format. Ensure that the columns of the file match that of the User list in IMONIT. Download example  

6Add a New User

Click to manually add a single user.