Why managers should use an
Attendance Time Log app

Time is a precious asset for businesses

why managers should use attendance and task tracker app
The key to an organization’s success is achieving its short-term goals on a timely basis. Employers need to monitor their employee’s performance activities to improve the company’s productivity and performance. It is an organization’s responsibility to monitor employees’ work continuously to ensure that they stay on track to achieve the company’s performance goals. The traditional practice of keeping a timesheet has become an outgrown practice in organizations. This practice had led to inaccurate information, sheet tampering, and many more that led to compliance issues, payroll issues, etc. Additionally, without proper checks and balances on employees’ task performance, employees may start to lose their focus and may find it hard to deliver quality work on a timely basis.

What is an Attendance Time Log Application?

Attendance Time Log is a digital platform that is designed to track its employee’s attendance and help them manage their tasks. This type of application ensures employees’ efficiency and helps them meet their goals on a timely basis which would guarantee the organization’s success. It offers two different functions in one application that can be monitored from anywhere around the world, which creates ease for remote working employees. According to a statistic report by Mckinsey.com, an average employee spends approximately1.83 hours per day on productive task work and about 9.3 hours per week. With the help of a task tracking system, managers can task schedules to set deadlines in advance and reminders would alert employees about upcoming tasks and approaching deadlines. It also provides employees valuable intel about employee’s performance, as to how long they take to achieve their goals, their current positioning, etc.

Top 5 Benefits of an Attendance and Task Tracking application

1Improved productivity

An attendance and task tracking application provides employers with real-time information about their employees’ task statuses from anywhere in the world. It allows the work of hard-working employees to be recognized and appropriately acknowledged by the management, this would add a boost to their confidence and motivate them to be more efficient. Alternatively, it effectively identifies low-performing employees and highlights the problems faced by them.

2Fair payroll

An employee’s attendance and performance status can be easily computed using the data available to the employers. Using an application to gain access to this data, reduces calculation errors, which reduces companies’ risks of meeting compliance issues. Furthermore, by evaluating an employee’s performance throughout the year, the company can properly reward deserving employees with bonuses and promotions.

3Maintain Organizational Compliances

It is essential for a company to comply with local and regional labor laws, to avoid potential lawsuits. Hence, proper documentation of employees’ attendance records can prove companies’ adherence to employee protection rights. This organizational compliance would provide employees with a boost of confidence and a sense of security that they wouldn’t be treated unfairly.

4Employee Insights

By employing an attendance and task tracking application in the organization’s system, an organization can effectively track and employ complete transparency of the work jobs, deadlines, attendances, leaves, etc. It would allow managers to prioritize the task that is the most important to least important for employees.
Additionally, employers can also analyze the time it would take for a project to complete. Employers can also analyze companies’ timesheets to understand companies’ absenteeism rate and what steps they can take to improve it. Furthermore, it provides employees with a sense of accountability, as they are held responsible for the tasks that are assigned to them.
An organization’s manager can efficiently maintain the HR workflow. When employees’ attendance and time sheet is tracked regularly it boosts the employee’s productivity and increases the success rate of the company.

5Cost efficient

Another advantage of switching to attendance and task tracking software is to save money. These applications are more cost-effective than bearing the cost of the management associated with employee attendance and task tracking and poor employee performance that creates a loss for the company. Employers can also analyze and eliminate tedious tasks that take up employees’ time and are not profitable in terms of return. Alternatively, the company can set profitable goals for the employees, which would be an efficient usage of time.

Final thoughts

An attendance and task tracking application is a helpful gadget in organizations that cuts the work of managerial employees in half. It creates ease for managers to monitor their team’s activity and reward them fairly based on their contribution to the project. This tool efficiently analyzes employees’ work status, the amount of time it takes them to complete a task, Prioritize important tasks, and their attendance records. Investing in this application is value for the money, as it has a variety of uses at one affordable cost.