IMONIT (I'm-On-It) Timesheet

The time recorded for each task is saved to your Weekly Timesheet

A view summarizing the amount of time you’ve spent on each task, on each day of the week. You can also see the total attendance time for each day of the week, and adjust gaps between times recorded for attendance and tasks in the mobile timesheet app.


1Month Toggle

Click to display another month on the Timesheet.

2Month Toggle

Click to filter the work Timesheet app by project.

3Generate Timesheet Report

Click to generate a weekly Timesheet report. This report is automatically sent to the email address tied to your IMONIT account.


Click to filter the weekly Timesheet report by user.

5 Scroll to previous days

Click to display previous days on the work Timesheet app.

6Scroll forward

Click to scroll from past tp present days.

7Total Hours per task/day

This is the total number of hours tabulated on a specific task. These hours are gathered from the Clock In/Out page, under the Tasks list. When you start a task, click Play from the Clock In/Out page; when you finish a task, click pause.

8Total hours per task

This is a summation of the total hours spent on all tasks, by day in weekly Timesheet report.

9Total hours per day

This is a summation of the total hours spent clocked-in, by day.