IMONIT Clock in and Out

Monitor attendance and track tasks with our clock in and out system

Clock in And Out System For Employees | Clock in And Out App | Clock in and Out Page

1Clock In and Out of work

To clock-in and out of work, simply click this large button. When you clock-in, the attendance timer above the large button starts. When you clock-out, the attendance timer stops. Your clock-in and clock-out times are recorded below the large button; as well as on the Monthly Attendance Report (see Attendance).

2Task Tracker

The Tasks section of the clock in and out app system for employees contains a list of your assigned tasks. After you’ve clocked-in, start tracking the time you spend on a task by clicking on the corresponding play button. When you’re ready to move onto another task, click the play button for another task. This will stop the timer for the currently active task.

3Absence options and Notes

If you need to register a day off work, rather than clocking-in for the day, click either the Vacation or Medical button. Additionally, use the Notes button to add any memos for the day.