IMONIT (I'm-On-It) Best Biometric Time Clocks 2023

Biometric time clocks have revolutionized the way businesses track employee hours

Biometric time clock

As a business owner, you understand how complicated it can be to keep accurate timesheets and monitor employee attendance.
The introduction of biometric solutions has simplified the process and increased security while reducing cost.
With fingerprint technology, your employees no longer need to worry about forgetting their clock in cards, keypad access codes or entering incorrect punch-in data!
In this blog post, we explain to you what a biometric time clock is, and the advantages and disadvantages. We also include a recommendation for the 3 best biometric time clocks.

3 Best biometric time clocks:

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maximum 200 users
No Monthly fees
Face , fingerprint, RFID and PIN
Easy to use

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maximum 1000 users
No Monthly fees
Fingerprint, RFID and PIN
Easy to use

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more then 250 users
Allied Time USA
Monthly Price
Badge + Face + Palm scan
Easy to use

What is a Biometric time clock?

A biometric time clock is a device that records an employee’s entry and exit from work.
The biometric attendance clock can detect the entry and exit of an employee by fingerprint or face scan or even by the retina of the eye.
When an employee enters or leaves the workplace, the biometric time clock records the time into a database.

At the end of the month the employer can retrieve the attendance data. For security and other reasons, some clocks are not connected to the internet, and the data is downloaded via USB. If the clock is connected to the internet, the data is transferred to an application for further processing.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Biometric time clock


  • Preventing mistakes – The employee does not have to remember to bring an employee card with him. He just has to bring himself.
  • Protection – Employees cannot ask other employees to “buddy punch” for them.

Disadvantages :

  • Limited use – Biometric attendance clocks have a processing limit, so the total number of employees is limited.
  • Technical issues – Biometric clocks use sensors that are very sensitive and may not work correctly in changing conditions such as heart, dust, water and so on.
  • Not for every business – Biometric time clock are not suitable for working from home. If there are employees who do not come to the workplace and they work from home, then they will not be able to report attendance                 

How do I set up a biometric time clock?

  1. The first thing that needs to be done is to install the device in a convenient area for all workers (regardless of height), and in a safe and protected place.
  2. For devices with wifi, you will need to configure the wifi on the device.
  3. Employees biometrics must be defined to the system so that the device recognizes the employee when he arrives and leaves each day. The employee must be present for fingerprint, palm, face and eye scans.
  4. Set up the parameters such as time and date on the device.
  5. Test it – Before going live, you should check that the device recognizes the employees and records the correct date and time for them.
  6. If the device has software or an application for data management, the software/application must be installed by the administrator.

We note that each device has its own installation guide and almost all of them have simple instructional videos. 

When it comes to virtually eliminating the headaches associated with manual timekeeping, the most obvious solution is to switch over to a biometric time clock. Of all the options available, those that use facial recognition technology are some of the best options available, providing complete accuracy and reliability. Not only do they reduce administrative costs through streamlined processes and improved efficiencies, they also give managers peace of mind knowing that their workforce is working as hard and honestly as possible. So if you’re looking for a foolproof way to track employee timekeeping and increase profits within your organization, then look no further than the best biometric time clock on the market today. With its unbeatable reliability and ease of use, it’ll provide an instant return on investment that your entire organization can take advantage of!