IMONIT - Getting Started

The essentials you will need to quickly get started with IMONIT

Quickly Started Wit IMONIT Time Tracking App | Get Started With IMONIT Time Tracking App
These feature are visible no matter where you are in the app:

1Company name

This is where your company’s name is displayed. If this name needs to be changed, see the Account page.

2Current Date, Time and User name

Click this area to launch the Account page, where you can change such things as user details, app defaults, subscription, and work location.

3Navigation Panel

The navigation panel contains links to every page within the IMONIT interface. The above image is displaying the Clock In/Out page which helps to start time tracking.


Easily contact us if you need help or wish to leave feedback. Click the Chat button to get started quickly with IMONIT.


Click to securely logout of your IMONIT account.