IMONIT - Rules

Configure work hours, overtime, and holiday rule sets for your company

Work Hours Rule Set | Overtime Hours Rules Set | Track Work Hours App | Holiday Hours Rule

1Rule set search

Enter full or partial words into this search bar to locate a specific rule set from the list.

2Overtime rules

Click to manage overtime rule sets including amount of hours and compensation.

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3Holiday rules

Click to indicate work holiday dates and append any special work hours and compensation rates.

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4Configure Rule set defaults

Click to choose whether you want to use attendance clock in/out only; or attendance clock in/out and calculate overtime, absence, and sick leave hours. If you choose the latter, you can manage overtime and sick leave when editing the rule set details in the app to track overtime work hours.

5Edit work hours rules

General parameters – such as the calculation period by which surplus and deficit hours are calculated.
Work Hours Rule Set | Overtime Hours Rule | Holiday Hours Rule Set

Standard Daily Working Hours – Enter standard working hours, and choose an overtime rule set, for each work day.

daily hours

Sick Leave Compensation – Enter sick leave compensation rates, including the amount of sick leave days permitted and the compensation percent for each.

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6Add a new rule set

Click to add a new rule set in the app to record and calculate work hours.