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Tracking employee attendance

Turn any device into an employee time clock to Tracking employee attendance. IMONIT helps you accurately record working hours with its time log. Use IMONIT Employee Time Tracker App to comply with labor regulations and save time on billing and payroll.


Time Track Tasks

Stay on top of your business in real-time with the ability to time track tasks. Easily see how much time is spent on different tasks. Make sure you and your team are on track with real-time visibility.


Time Log Reporting

Streamline your time log collection and approval process. Automatic Timesheets and Reports are always up-to-date and ready. Gain insights with easy-to-read graphs with IMONIT.

IMONIT Time Tracking Features

IMONIT is an all-in-one FREE time-saving time log app for employee Attendance and Timesheets

Time tracker app- employee atteandance app timer in mobile
IMONIT-Time Tracker App -Employee Task Tracking Software

Time Log Clock

IMONIT time tracker software app provides an effortless way to clock in and out of work, from your phone or desktop. You can easily track your hours and log time worked with the click of a button.

Task Tracking

IMONIT has an easy-to-use timer for work tasks. With just one click, you can start and end a work task timer to log time.

HR Workflow

At the end of the month, each employee locks the attendance report and releases it to HR for payroll processing. After that, the time log report cannot be unlocked or edited.

Labor law compliance

Set the correct rules for complying with the workplace and attendance record keeping laws applicable to your business. IMONIT employee time tracker app helps to accurately calculate hours worked, including overtime, and ensures that everything is in order and transparent for payroll processing.

Location aware (optional)

With IMONIT, you can clock in and out of work manually with a simple click. You also have the option to do so automatically to stop the time log, based on your workplace location, or with the use of Beacons.

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IMONIT-Time Tracker App -Employee Task Tracking Software