Workplace Gift Giving

How Managers Can Make Employees Valued with Company Gifts


Gifts drive people closer to each other. There is a sense of great happiness attached to giving and receiving gifts. People show affection through the exchange of gifts. Everybody appreciates receiving gifts. While the actual category of the gift does matter, simply being delivered one in the first place prompts an amazing feeling. It illustrates that somebody likes you and is thinking about you. Now visualize the influence gift-giving could have in a work environment. 

A company can improve the workplace environment by giving occasional gifts to their employees. Employees are the backbone of any business and a company’s triumph is based largely on its employees after all. From endorsing unity to making special events & occasions extra special, here are a few of the advantages of giving your employees souvenirs: 


Creation of a Strong Bond

Titles of ‘manager’ or ‘boss’ can make employees feel intimidated, which can make it problematic for everybody to connect. Gifts are an efficient way of making new associations with your employees and fostering good working connections. When the gifts are awarded by managers they become more valuable for employees. statistics say, 28% of the most notable acknowledgment comes when it is given by a manager.  


When a gift is given on behalf of a manager, it can help employees to get more convinced and assured of their position. This is specifically true if they are awarded custom-made gifts. Customized gifts prove that the company has made the effort to appreciate them, their work, some of their special qualities, and so on.


Appreciation of Employees

A business must show employees that they are valuable assets to the company. With time, many people start feeling left out and demotivated as they start to feel that they are not valued and appreciated at their job place. You would not want to make your employees feel this way. If your employees have a negative opinion of your business, they possibly won’t be very creative. You are also likely to have a high turnover rate, which is not a good sign for any company.

Of course, the most important motive to make your employees feel esteemed and cherished is that it’s the right thing to do. By giving custom-made gifts, you can construct a more united team that realizes the company’s core values and feels genuinely linked to their work and each other.


Celebrating Special Occasions

There comes numerous special events and occasions which are worth celebrating during the running of any business. This contains a wide collection of work-related accomplishments, like converging tactical goals, receiving an award, or bestowing an outstanding employee. Nevertheless, there are several other occasions to celebrate, too, including holidays, birthdays of employees, an employee getting married, Christmas celebration, or the birth of their children.

There isn’t a better way to make these occasions more special than by giving out gifts. For work-related accomplishments, gifts on behalf of the manager show that you like the work your employees did to make the success of your company possible. For a more personal event, gifts are a remarkable way to share in the happiness of your employees’ lives and connect with them on a greater level. 


Taking the Pressure Off

Giving gifts to employees in the office helps to improve morale and build a strong connection. This simple act can help to make memorable moments that divert from the inevitable stress of the usual work routine. If you attempt to give your employees time away from the documentation and the phone calls, they’ll surely appreciate that.


All that being said, it’s necessary to go for customized gifts over branded ones. While branded presents are great for corporate occasions, they’re not a decent choice for personal events. Nowadays, you can comfortably find the perfect personalized presents for your employees online at various online stores.


Statistics of Gift Giving in The Corporate Sector

The annual corporate gift-giving report nationwide published found more companies than last year are arranging to give gifts during the holiday season, with 44% rewarding employees (up from 40% in 2017) and 38% (up 5 percentage points) showing client gratitude.

Nearly 78% of companies investigated nationwide said they expect to expend about the same as in 2021 in total on holiday business gift-giving. On average, employers giving gifts to clients will consume an average of $48 each, higher from $46 last year.

Respondents to Corporate Gift Spending Survey said the major reason they provide gifts to employees is to express admiration and help maintain relationships. Other motives were to build:

  • Company goodwill
  • Enhance awareness about the business 
  • Obtain a referral 
  • Create a lead
  • Generate sales

When employees were interviewed to explain in a word how they feel upon accepting a gift from a company they work with, the majority said: “Appreciated.”

Of companies planning to acknowledge employees, 75% expect to contain all workers. Conversely, the survey also revealed that while more companies plan to participate in employee gift-giving, they’ll spend less per worker, averaging $65, down $14 from the previous year.


Popular Gifts

The most famous gifts include apparel, gift cards, food, sweets, and office accessories.

When asked about the “best” company gift, responses included a jacket, tablet, nice large fruit or sweets basket, and a trip for everyone down to a recreational spot for three days all expenses paid.

Marketing products are logoed articles like mugs, water bottles, T-shirts, & pens usually given away by companies, associations, educational institutes, and non-profits to promote their company, brand, or event.

How to Make Gifts More Special?

Make sure that the gifts that managers give to employees are special, personal, evocative, and thoughtful in some way. Here are a few tactics to do that:


Recognize the Receiver: Become acquainted with your employees. Talk to them, make jokes with them, or, if the manager is much busy to get to know each employee, ask their subordinates to learn more about employees and convey that to the manager. Find out what motivates and appeals to employees and modify your gifts to fit that. As per the report, employees that are getting recognition in their organizations are less likely to quit a job, 44% more satisfied, feel more productive, 4x more engaged at the workplace, and 5x  more likely to feel embedded in the company culture.

  1. Identify the Values: Everybody ideals various things, for example, family, solo time, hobbies, or philanthropic work. Consider what each employee values—if it’s family, perhaps a board game would be a good option. If it’s philanthropic work, consider donating to charity organizations for them.
  2. Understand the Goals and Dreams: Managers must analyze where their employees want to be in five or ten years. What are the factors which encourage and inspire them? Do they wish to travel around the world? A travel magazine or luggage set will be the best gift.

In a Nut Shell,

The aim is to get acquainted with every employee on an individual level. Get to know your workers by arranging team activities, organizing one-on-one meetings, or simply speaking to them when you meet them in the office.