IMONIT - Employee Attendance

See the total hours you’ve spent working throughout the month

Your daily clock-in and clock-out times are saved to your Monthly Attendance Report in the employee attendance software. You can use the Absence menu to mark days when you were absent due to illness or vacation. The manager can see and track his employee attendance report.
Employee Attendance Software Monthly Report

1Save button

Click to save any manual changes you make to the Attendance Sheet.

2Month Toggle

Click to choose another month to display on the Attendance Sheet.

3Generate Attendance Report

Click to generate an Attendance report from the employee attendance software app. This report is automatically sent to the email address tied to your IMONIT account.

4Convert time format

Click to convert the Attendance Sheet’s time format between a decimal and hour format.

5Attendance Sheet

The Attendance Sheet displays a tabulation of your hours worked, based on which you clock-in and clock-out with the employee attendance app. As shown in the screenshot, the week of June 6, 2022 is currently displayed.


Click to enter notes for the respective day.

7Tabulated hours

Manually edit your clock-in and clock-out hours by clicking the respective field to track employee attendance. The total hours worked for the day is displayed to the right.

8Total hours

The total number of accumulated hours on the current Attendance Sheet.